Our Company was founded in 2013 out of the desire to serve fresh Roasted Nuts on the spot to customers.

That drove us to the streets of New York City, at Street Fairs and the Aquaduck Flea Market in Brooklyn, NY, serving Fresh Roasted Peanuts to customers. Then we went all NUTS and added Boiled Peanuts, as many of our customers were already familiar with either Boiled Peanuts and Boiled Breadnut (a seeded variety of a Breadfruit) also known to some as Katahar, Chataigne or Maya Nut. The Breadnut has a similar taste to Boiled Peanuts. Now we have 8 flavors and are working to add more. Our Boiled Peanuts are to die for. 

We pride ourselves on delivering fresh roasted and delicious boiled peanuts, accompanied with warm and pleasant customer service to the people we serve. And we have a ton of fun doing it too. Yeah, we literally go Nuts selling Peanuts.